What you have learned in Lesson 1

What have you learned in the Introduction and Lesson 1?

You may feel overwhelmed with all the drills and materials in the first lesson. Imagine that you had used a bicycle all your life, and suddenly you were given a car. How would you feel about acquiring new driving skills? You might feel some stress at the first moments, but your life would change for the better once you understood how to use your new car.

You go through a very similar situation here, since you need to unlearn first what you were doing for years with little success and then start your self-training sessions.

You may get the impression that the first lesson is too easy for you. We did this on purpose. You are just developing new habits of speech shadowing and subconscious training, and that is why we selected simple texts for the first lessons. The lessons will gradually become more complex, and by the end of this course you will have acquired an active vocabulary of more than four thousand words!

The main points of the Introduction and Lesson 1

  • You will become fluent in English in less than a year by using this course.
  • The course practices two modes of learning: self-teaching using the content of this course and online group classes provided by LBT-certified English trainers.
  • The learners' time actively speaking in English is much higher in this course than in conventional classes, since LBT introduces speech shadowing of prerecorded lessons and drills.
  • Training English Skills is active training of thinking in English.

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