About the Course

What does the course offer?

For just $30 subscribers will get access to this self-paced course: Active Learning of English Skills. The course is based on the patented Language Bridge Technology (LBT).

Another benefit of enrolling in the Course: all registered learners will receive a link to download the patented Language Bridge Technology Android application and use it along with the Course. After downloading the application and all lessons, you may continue using it at any time without the need to be connected to the Internet!

Note: The application provides support in Mandarin when the learner needs it, but the main experience is in English. If you have a different native language, you can still use this application by ignoring support and using exclusively the English part of it.

Why should learners enroll in the course?

Our claim sounds remarkable, but it is borne out by experience: Active Learning of English Skills is a subconscious training and is much faster than conscious Passive Learning or memorization.

Most of you spent years trying to learn English and know that the traditional approach--trying to memorize what the teacher transfers--simply doesn’t work. In this process you are a passive receiver, not a learner.

The unprecedented growth of English as the global language requires changing our approach to learning. English is not a foreign language anymore; it is a practical skill needed for everyday life.

What is the need and who should take the course?

The transition from traditional methods of language learning to efficient Active Learning of English Skills requires better understanding of what is involved in speaking fluent English. Both learners and teachers need this course to change their beliefs and recognize misconceptions. Some of the misconceptions are so powerful that they actually prevent you from speaking fluent English.

The learner trains English skills - reading, speaking, writing and pronunciation - concurrently while re-experiencing familiar situations in English. This process opens in a learner the ability to express thoughts and feelings in English without reverting to cross-translation.

A student may have trouble understanding this text at the beginning of the course. I recommend using an online translation service to grasp the text better: copy the whole text and paste it into the translation service window so you can read it in your mother tongue. However, read with your eyes only--don't pronounce the translated text.

What makes this course unique?

This course helps learners and teachers transition from Passive Learning to Active Learning of English skills. Two features of the course stand out:

1. Concurrent Triple Activity (CTA) eliminates cross-translation into the native language. While performing three actions at the same time, your attention is fully occupied and you have no time for cross-translating. CTA helps learners establish direct wiring between words in English and images or associations which they describe without reverting to cross-translation into the native language.

2. Three types of text in every lesson:

  • Pre-recorded lessons and drills.
  • Lessons added by a learner or teacher make the application interactive. Use your own text for simultaneous speech shadowing—speaking along while listening to the natural-sounding voice of the text-to-speech software as it reads the text.
  • Inspirational poems recorded by a native speaker. After multiple speech shadowing of the poem, you will be able to recite it by heart. This is like the way you learn your favorite songs.

Study material besides the course content

The course uses the Language Bridge Technology Android application on mobile devices. Subscribers receive a link to download the Android application after they have paid for the course.

The predictable course outcome

Language Bridge Technology ensures active learning since learners start speaking in the new language from the first moment, before they have learned any grammar rules or vocabulary. In the process of re-experiencing familiar situations in the new language (support in the native language is available for those who need it), the learners acquire intuitive grammar and language patterns.

The learner acquires language skills quickly and subconsciously because the main barrier - subconscious cross-translation into and from native language - has been turned off by the patented concurrent triple activity - reading, listening and speaking - at the same time in the new language.

Does the course prepare for any certification?

The course will help you become fluent in English in less than a year. Even though we don’t provide special training for traditional certifications, our learners consistently show better scores in examinations and certification programs than their friends who have followed traditional methods of learning. The reason for the improved results is that Language Bridge Technology learners very soon develop the habit of thinking in English; therefore they need much less time to understand questions and to respond to them automatically and fluently.

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