Lesson 1 Drills 10 - 11

Drill 10
Testing active vocabulary and fluency.

Click Record, then click Execute (first button at the bottom of the screen). You will see a word selected randomly from the current lesson. Create a few sentences describing something from your experience that is related to the displayed word. Then click Execute to display the next word.

Repeat this testing for more than twenty words, then click Stop button to finish recording your sentences.

To listen to your recording, click Play. After completing the drill, you may click Share to send your recording to friends or, in the case of blended learning, to your teacher.

Drill 11
Bonus Drill

Read the poem several times. To translate unknown words into Mandarin, click on the word. Then, do speech shadowing by following the text with your eyes and speaking along with the recording by clicking Play.

When you can complete speech shadowing without omissions or mistakes, click Record and read the text of the poem – this time without listening to the recording. Click Stop to finish recording.

Click Play to listen to your recording. If you are not satisfied, record it again. After completing the recording, you may click Share to share the recording with your friends or, in the case of blended learning, with your teacher.

Note: Support in Mandarin works in the Android application only. The link to download the application will be sent to all subscribers of the Training English Skills course after they complete Lesson 1.)

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