Lesson 1 Drill 4-6

Drill 4.

Now, while repeating the text with the speaker and without stopping the tape, write down as many words as you can that from the text. Repeat this drill three times and write down new words that you can add each time.


Drill 5.

Compare the words from Drill 4 with those of the text. Write down from the lesson all words and word combinations that you missed and pronounce them aloud a few times.


Drill 6.

Compose short sentences with the word combinations from Drill 5 and repeat them aloud several times as fast as you can, until a whole sentence sounds like one-word to you.

练习 6.
使用练习5中的词组造句,并用最快的语速大声重复几遍, 直至整句话听上去像一个单词。

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