Lesson 1 Drills 1-3

Each course will eventually have support in the learner's native language. The course which we offer here has built-in support in Mandarin.

If you have a different native language we recommend using an online translation service: copy and paste the text of the lesson or drill into the translation tool so you can read it in your native language.

Lesson 1 Drill 1.

Read the text in your native language without pronouncing the words and try to visualize the story.


第 1 课

单词 爱

“初恋是桩很小的蠢事和也是 一

- 您好,我叫戴维。
- 我叫杰西卡。
- 我能查数查到十: 一、 二、 三、 四、 五、 六、 七、 八、 九、 十。

- 这节课我们学习我们的第一个单词: 爱。

- 我们将与您一起去做一次了不起的旅行,

我们会更好地了解美国的文化、 人民和语言。

- 您有爱心,您在生活。
- 我爱自己的家庭。
- 我爱自己的孩子。

- 是的, 我爱您, 因为您是一个很出色的人,
- 您想帮助每个人并且每个人都想帮助您。

- 戴维和解西卡在相爱。

- 他们打算在五月结婚。

- 我喜欢学习英语。

Lesson 1 Drill 2

Repeat aloud the recorded text, using headphones and speaking at the same time as the speaker, with a delay of no more than one or two words and without stopping the tape. While doing this, follow the English text with your eyes and imagine that you are take part in the scene. Do not worry about the details.

(Lesson 1 Drill 2 in Mandarin)
练习 2.

出声重复录音的课文,使用耳机并争取同时对着话筒说话 (延迟一、两个单词, 但不要让录音停下来)。

在此情况下,用目光跟踪课文, 想像您就是情景的参与者, 但不要注意其细节

Lesson 1 Word Love

“First love is only a little
foolishness and a lot of curiosity.”

(George Bernard Shaw)

- Hello, my name is David.
- And my name is Jessica.
- I can count to ten:
one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

- In this lesson we will learn
our first word: - LOVE.
-Together we will go on a wonderful
journey where we will learn more
about American culture,
people and their language.

- You live as long as you love.
- I love my family.
- I love my children.
- Do you love me?

- Yes, I do love you because
you are a wonderful person
and you have a loving heart.
- You want to help everybody
and everybody wants to help you.

- David and Jessica are in love.
- They want to get married in May.
- I love learning English.
It helps me to love
my new country, America.

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